How to wear White Pants this summer

Lisa Lehmann - Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Humor Man? Hardly! Stark uniform? Not a chance! Out for milk deliver? Whatever!

Who knew a white wardrobe could be so questionable, yet so easy and amazing. And here's your big secret....white is NOT just for summer!

Let me back up. Last week in my ask Lisa video, I was wearing an all white ensemble. Several people asked if there were rules with wearing white. Rules? Do you know me at all?

Okay, there are some rules - but I would say more like guidelines - rules are meant to be broken. Yes, I'm a tad rebellious. Mostly, make sure you choose the right fit...for YOU. Make sure you add some color. Make sure you have proper undergarments - aka you can see through white, catch my drift? And remember, bleach is your friend.

My base? These modern boot fit white pants from the Gap. I actually picked them up on sale for $19 last week. And truly, I will wear these all winter. But more on that later.

White on white is awesome, and very acceptable - I went for classic simple pairing them with a basic tee. But what makes it NOT look like a uniform, is the airy brown belt and "strappy" black flat sandals. Yup, brown and black, remember the whole rule theory?

And then of course accessories, pull it together. I decided to embrace "natural" and chose leather and silver for my wrists - simple silver studs for my ears, and this gorgeous circa 2006 Studio Jewel wood necklace. It's perfect for this outfit with it's weight and texture. Newsflash!! I decided to bring this piece out of retirement for the month. If you are interested...there are only 5 available...due to limited supplies.

summer fashion white style

You could also pair this with your glitter shoes you made a couple weeks ago. They would add some sparkle and interest to your basic white on white! Then I would add in more heavy duty black and leather accessories. You know, embracing your rocker chic vibe!

Heading out for the evening? Need to "style up"? Add a colorful - light airy - top. Some stellar heels (p.s do not walk in the grass with said "stellar high heels" that is all). A glitzy belt - mine is black sequins, you just can't see me! 

Again, accessories make it. I traded out a necklace for some long and light earrings with a touch of black. I've layered plenty of silver on my wrists. And an easy black clutch would seal the deal.

But wait...there's more....

Your man is jealous of your clean look? I knew it! Snag him a pair of these white khaki's from the Gap...give him a colorful tee shirt and flip flops. Even better? Have him throw on a chambray shirt over his tee, roll up his cuffs a bit and add a pair of brown leather shoes.

Summers over and you're still in love with your white pants? Don't put them in storage! I have some ideas. But for RIGHT NOW let's stay in the moment of embracing the that okay with you? Ok, thanks!

Now shoo, go get yourself some white pants, the summer clearance racks are full of them! This is your time!



lisa commented on 04-Aug-2012 10:28 PM
love it!
Anonymous commented on 20-Aug-2012 08:07 PM
Love your post about white! Among my friends I was voted down about wearing white anytime-but I really don't care and will continue to wear it anytime I feel like it! This is my first time to your website-I LOVE YOUR JEWELRY-that says it all!

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