about lisa

Lisa J. Lehmann is a naturally creative spirit. She is a trained artist - metal smith, as well as a successful entrepreneur. Her passion for life is evident in everything she does.

Lisa's eye for beauty in all things is reflected in her unique ability conceptualize and design each Studio Jewel piece of artisan jewelry. Each design is meticulously handcrafted in her Fort Wayne, Indiana studio. Her commitment to the environment is evident in her use of 100% recycled metals, as well as genuine fair trade gemstones. 

The result? Fashionable, wearable, timeless designs that are both sleek and modern, as well as edgy and feminine. A eclectic collection which fuses modern inspiration with rustic natural elements.

Lisa also desires to create meaningful designs which carry a "story". Many Studio Jewel designs carry their own memories, created for one-of-a-kind moments, a special occasion or to celebrate life's small victories.

What truly makes Lisa and Studio Jewel unique, is Lisa's ability as a MIXOLOGIST.Creating an entire "look" by combining different pieces from her collections. Whether it be lunch with friends, an evening on the town, or cocktails by the beach. From glitz and glam to boho chic, Lisa can pull together an effortless, ever fashionable "look".

Lisa and her husband reside in Indiana with their four very active children, and two loyal golden retrievers.